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During this project, started in 2019 my fascination with the mental image emerged. I did not know about the concept of a mental image yet, I just wanted to paint what I had in mind. But soon I figured out how difficult this actually was. When trying to get the image in my mind more vivid the image was changing. This made it very hard to capture it. Even the most simple shapes were hard to fully imagine. Step by step I found methods to make this place more clear. I build the objects in ceramics, to get a better understanding of them. I recreated the place in a 3D modelling program so I could play with the light. I needed to create some kind of trigger for myself, like when you smell a perfume and it reminds you of someone. By recreating the place I was creating my own triggers, to recall my memory.

On the first side, the image on the canvases are looking quite clear and easy to understand. Until you take a closer look and a lot of things are “off”. The propositions of the objects are incorrect, and the objects them- selves are also not how we can see them around us. And then the space itself, what are you looking at exactly? These “errors” are not on purpose, this is for me the beauty of recreating memory. Memory is incorrect and that’s why I love it.

I come back to this place every time because it is still not completed. I want to apply the new techniques I have learned about recreating memory images. In this way, I keep the project alive and new versions will come. I believe in many years It will give a beautiful overview of my understanding of representing memory in a single series.

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